Our desire is to become gospel-shaped people who in response to the grace received from Christ, follow his example of love and service to others.


Our Beliefs

We believe there is one God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—who is eternal and who created all things.

We believe Jesus died for our sins, was buried, was raised from    the dead and returned to heaven to be with the Father.

We believe the Father sent the Son, Jesus Christ, who was God in human form, to establish God’s Kingdom.

We believe salvation is possible only through the gracious work of God, and that people respond to his gift by putting their trust in Jesus, by turning away from their sin, and by being immersed into Christ.

We believe the Father and Son send the Holy Spirit as a gift to live inside those who believe, so that he might transform them into the likeness of Christ.

We believe Christ will return some day.

We believe God reveals the Good News through the Bible,which is his authoritative word for our lives.


We value intentional, inter-generational ministry.

We value authentic relationships based on confession, forgiveness, mercy and grace.

We value flexibility which sees current realities as opportunities to express faith, hope and love.

We value and welcome the leading of the Holy Spirit.

We value people over programs.

We value spiritual formation for the sake of others.